Travel the World: 'Prepared'

Tamara Whorms-Riley

The world is a global village and we often find ourselves travelling for one reason or another; sometimes it is a quick weekend getaway, or a business trip but, we do not have all we need to be prepared. Personally, I travel mostly for research conferences, workshops and scientific events.

Often we look ahead at the weather forecast but, that unexpected moment comes when we wished we had the right clothes, the right shoes or even the right bag. I remember heading to Spain some time ago and my flight was switched from New York to Atlanta, and my luggage still ended up in New York. I got to Spain with no luggage and no emergency supplies in my hand luggage and did not receive them until two (2) days later. Since then, I have looked at ways of being more prepared for those unexpected moments, how to assist people in being prepared, from having those unique travel supplies handy, from small travel bags with organizing sections for hand luggage to backpacks and even the types of clothes and accessories we need for our travel., pub-1465389151835657, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0